Monday, November 26, 2012

The importance of the Word for the believer II

2. Meditate the Word

unfortunately most Christians see meditation as new age practice when in actual fact meditation was given by God as a means of protecting the Spirit of man. The Word of God teaches us that only be meditation can our way be made prosperous. The trouble comes in where humanity meditates more on the negative as apposed to the life giving, Word of God.

Only what you meditate on can enter into the heart. To meditate on the Word of God is to hide the Word in your heart. The Psalmist said that he had hidden God's Word in his heart that he might not sin against God (Psalm 119:11), he meditated on God's precepts and considered His ways. (Ps 119:1)

As you meditate you allow the Word of Christ to richly indwell you, (Colossians 3:16). the more you meditate, the more you become enriched. As you meditate on God's Word you allow it to take deep root in your heart.

Meditating on the Word of God is not a private experience. You are never left alone to interpret the Scriptures on your own. The Holy Spirit guides you in all truth. (John 16:13). As you meditate on the Word of God, the Holy Spirit guides you into understanding and knowledge of the truth. Intelligent people can appear knowledgeable about God and emotional people can be passionate about God. People who spend time alone with God and His Word know that they have been with God. Instead of knowledge about God they have knowledge of God.

When you meditate on God's Word, instead of simply stating the truth, you identify with the truth. You own it, celebrate it and cherish it. In the deepest part of me I come into agreement with God's Word. I resonate with the message and take delight in God's Word. To open the Word of God, is to open your whole being to the will of God, from your innermost self to every aspect of your life.

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