Monday, November 12, 2012

Why we read the Bible

What is the Bible?

This question has been answered by so many experts, but what it boils down to it this; it is the greatest book ever written:

Just as a product is proof of a manufacturer and a book is proof of an author, so creation is proof of a creator” - Anon

God Himself speaks to men. We conclude then that it being God's standard – no man could have written a standard this high.

This is a book of divine instruction – it offers comfort in grief, guidance in confusion, advice for your problems, rebuke for sin and daily inspiration for our every need, it is our magna carta, which serves as a gaurantee of our basic rights.

The church sees this as their “Declaration of Indepence”

Simplified the Bible is an owner's manual, a road map to life.

God's Word is also refered to as the light to all who believe. Like a prism refracting light into a rainbow, God's Word splits the light of thruth into a multimedia presentation of:

  • clear prose
  • true stories
  • passionate poetry
  • powerful visions
  • precepts, and
  • engaging parables

BE WARNED – The Bible poses some dangers!!!


  • The Word – hammer – shatters – rock of pride and complacency Jer 23:29; Ps 19:7
  • The Word – fire – shut up in your bones Jer 20:9

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